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For Individuals

I’m passionate about helping those around me envision and attain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of times, the missing piece to the puzzle is just a little hands-on education. I’m happy to provide a variety of services to better equip you with necessary tools and knowledge needed to live out your healthiest lifestyle, because I believe that “healthy eating” does not have to equate to bland chicken breast and steamed broccoli, and I enjoy creating new ways to incorporate wholesome, nutritious foods and products into my diet.

List of available opportunities:

One on one nutrition coaching
Kitchen and pantry overhaul
Grocery store tour
Meal planning and prepping

For Businesses and Brands

If you think your brand and/or product aligns with my nutrition philosophy, I would be happy to sample your product! I take my position as a credentialed health professional seriously, and am careful to evaluate each product I receive prior to promoting it to the public. If I believe the product aligns with my values, is personally enjoyable, and would potentially benefit my followers, then I am willing to discuss further collaborations, reviews, recipe development, and/or promotion on my social media channels.

List of available opportunities:

Recipe development
Brand ambassador
Giveaway collaborations
Instagram posts
Product reviews – on IG and/or blog
(Don’t see an idea listed? I’m open to suggestions!)

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disclaimer: all thoughts, product reviews, and other statements on this blog and other social media channels are my own opinions, unless otherwise stated. i do receive products for review and exposure from companies – in these instances, i reserve the right to express my honest opinions and beliefs. the content on this blog is not intended to be used in the diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. if you have questions or concerns regarding your health, i urge you to contact your physician or healthcare provider. all photos, content, and material presented on this blog is not intended to be distributed without permission. thanks!