I’m passionate about helping those around me envision and attain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of times, the missing piece to the puzzle is just a little hands-on education. I’m happy to provide a variety of services to better equip you with necessary tools and knowledge needed to live out your healthiest lifestyle.

Services include:

  • One on one nutrition consultation: Interested in meeting with me in a one on one setting? I’m now accepting in person and virtual clients! 
  • Meal planning and meal prepping: Not sure how to piece together healthy meals throughout the week? We’ll sit down and talk through your schedule, your health goals, and your food preferences to create an individualized meal plan and/or meal prep schedule. I’m also taking a limited number of clients that wish to have meal prepping done for them. This can include meal planning, grocery shopping, and full meal prepping, or a combination of the three. Recurrent or one time only
  • Grocery store tours: Grocery stores have become extremely overwhelming over the last few years, and figuring out what’s healthy and what’s not can be hard – especially with deceptive marketing tactics. We will review your current shopping list and talk about any modifications and changes that could be made while still sticking to your budget and nutrition goals. I will walk you through your grocery store of choice, explaining the ins and outs of effective and smart grocery shopping – all the way from fresh produce to the frozen aisle. Additionally, you’ll also gain invaluable information on how to effectively decipher nutrition labels.
  • Kitchen & Pantry overhaul: From canned goods to frozen meals, and everything in between. Allow me to come into your kitchen and “overhaul” all of the not so good items to make room for the great. I’ll walk you through my rationale, and will equip you with the proper knowledge to distinguish the good from the bad. Additionally, you will receive a detailed grocery list to take with you the next time you go to the grocery store to restock.
  • Corporate wellness and group presentations also available. 


If interested, please shoot me an email at! I’d love to help you achieve your healthiest life!