Reset, Refresh, & Reboot

Happy New Year! Are you pushing the “reset” button at the start of the new year? 

I hope y’all all had a great weekend celebrating the end of a year and the start of a new year. I also hope you were able to do some reflecting as well. I love ending the year with one final look at the good + the bad, before looking forward to determine how I can improve. It’s refreshing, and almost more beneficial for me than setting “resolutions”. 

However, I know that this time of year is infamous for busy gyms and “diet overhauls”, and I do think the majority of us can all benefit from a little “reset” every once in a while. I think it goes back to the “refreshing” aspect of starting over fresh, with a clean slate (ahem, or plate). So if you’re interested in how I’m “resetting” for the New Year, keep reading! This is more of a “one-two week reset” and is not intended to be strictly followed for the entirety of the year, but I do hope to adopt (or in the case of some, continue to adopt) most of these goals for an overall well balanced diet, alll year long 🙂 (more…)