Under the Tuscan Sun

After an hour and a half car ride, 5 hour wait in the ATL airport, 9 hour flight to Rome, 5 hour wait in the Rome airport, and a 3 hour bus ride, I finally made it to Cortona! The view is nothing short of amazing, just the view from our bathroom overlooks the whole valley of Tuscany. Image

We had our first classes this morning, broke for a lunch in the Piazza (mozzarella, tomato, pesto and turkey sandwich), then came back for a short video followed by a foot tour of the town. The Piazza is where everyone in town congregates; restaurants, the market, wine shops, gelato, clothing stores are all located in this central area of town. We had our lunch on “The Steps” which reminded me of the not-so-catty version of Gossip Girl. Dinner was preceded by a wine tasting at a local restaurant where we have dinner every evening. Tonight we tasted a Pinot Grigio and a Brunello, which is a red wine and my personal favorite so far. Dinner was followed by a stop to the local (and one of the only) pubs, The Lion’s Well. The walk back to the dorms involves walking up a hill 4x the size of Brumby hill. I’m going to have a butt like Beyonce.



Testing, Testing

There’s really no way to make a “first post” not cheesy, so this is it. I leave for my viticulture and enology Maymester in Cortona in approximately 15 hours and decided to make a blog because why not? We’ll see what happens with this little space on the internet after June 3rd, I might decide I love rambling so much I’ll keep it up.

xo, clara